Why Your Business Needs to Use SMS Marketing

SMS marketing provides you with communication with all your clients and customers. What you need to do is to collect customer numbers so you can send messages to all or just certain clients at once. Bear in mind that messages can contain approximately 160 characters, and if the user is currently unavailable, they (SMS’s) are delivered later.

This type of marketing provides a very high percentage of feedback (response) from your customers, so textedly.com invites you to keep reading in order to learn more about SMS marketing.


The market is still not flooded with this type of marketing – although the most successful companies have a long time ago realized the benefits of SMS marketing. The general reaction of customers to this type of marketing is positive, so if you want to improve your business, SMS marketing is necessary.


SMS marketing is a great solution if you need to animate customers at the last minute, which is useful when organizing any event, from having a promoter in your store to opening a new facility.


This is one of the main steps if you want to build a broad customer base. By using SMS marketing, you can send useful information, discount vouchers, important notices, and even birthday cards, which have a huge impact when it comes to customer loyalty toward your company. Customers like to be treated in a privileged way; this way of communicating with them can pay off for you both in the short and long term through increased traffic.


There are good high-end computer programs on the market for automated sending of SMS messages to customers, for more information visit textedly.com. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on actions like this – a few minutes will be enough to give the program the command what you want, and the program will do the rest itself.


There is probably no faster process in marketing than SMS marketing. This means that from the moment you get an idea (or need) to send any notice to your dear customers until the moment when the customers read your message, it can take less than ten minutes. On the other hand, if if you want to contact customers e.g. through print media (flyer, advertisement in a … Read the rest

A Brief Introduction To Hard Money Loan

Usually people get into debt with money loans to be able to acquire goods or services since their budget at that time was not enough to do so, such as buying a car on sale. Money loans can be a great option to help us at certain times, but we must avoid having several debts that exceed our limits, it is good first to understand how money loans work.

Money loans are a tool with which companies make money, so they will always expect to receive a larger total than what they lent you. With this in mind and understanding how a money loan works you can avoid having more loans than you can afford and also know how to make the most of them.

To understand how a money loan works, we must first understand several terms that are fundamental in this financial world:

  • Principal

This is the amount of money you ask for initially.

  • Term

The deadline is the time in which you will return all the money. Usually a term agreement can be made according to your ability to repay the loan money.

  • Interest rate

This is the amount you’ll be charged to borrow the money. It is usually based on a percentage of the amount of the money loan. The interest rate may vary according to the lender or company from which you borrow the money.

When you apply for a loan, you should keep in mind that in addition to paying the amount you apply for, you must also pay the interest. Usually the interest is distributed over the duration of the loan. Therefore, it is essential to look for money loans that have a low interest rate such as californiahardmoneydirect net.

To apply for a money loan you should first look for an online company like californiahardmoneydirect net, it can be a lender person or even your bank. You will first need to send them your personal information including your credit history, as well as demonstrate your ability to pay. After they review your application, the company or person you asked for the money loan will decide based on your information whether to approve it or not.

Usually they will ask you why you want the money, and for example if you want the money loan to buy a car on sale they may not give the money directly to you, but give you … Read the rest